Amitasha Classrooms
  • image Study Time
  • image Amitasha students with Professor Col. R.K. Dargan, Advisor, Amity School of Communication
  • image Amitasha girls celebrate Independence Day
  • image Amitasha students in the computer lab
  • image Amitasha girls engage in activities
  • image Amitasha students in the art room
  • image A still from an Amitasha classroom
  • image Amitasha students perform an experiment in the Science Lab
  • image Amitasha students enhance their knowledge of computers
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The teachers at Amitasha believe in the abilities of their students. They give their students the right motivation and stimulation to excel academically and also establish an atmosphere of trust and respect for students as human beings.

The staff at Amitasha works both as a facilitator and a teacher to inculcate a sense of oneness among the students by setting up common goals, similar classroom experiences, after school activities and occasional field trips for the students.

Amitasha students extend their understanding of what they read and learn through informative and interactive discussions with peers and teachers. Students are assessed regularly to get a better understanding of their learning process which in turn facilitates adoption of better teaching methodologies.

Amitasha has its own music room, dance room, computer room, medical room, art room, clay room and library. The children are also exposed to various kinds of co-curricular activities for their social and cultural development. Besides, the girls are also trained in various vocational activities. This gives them a stronger footing in the society and helps them face the challenges that lie ahead of them in the real world in a much better manner.