Students Speak

For me, Amitasha is an opportunity to live life with self respect and dignity. I used to study in a government school, before my cousin who works at Amity visited my parents and persuaded them to send me to Amitasha. My mother was reluctant as she felt that the money spent on books and uniform in the current school would go waste. However, sensing my keenness, she allowed me to join Amitasha. Today, whenever my cousin visits our house, my mother never fails to thank him. Amitasha has changed my outlook towards life.

Jyoti, Amitasha student

I would have never understood the significance of sound health and good hygiene had I not been in Amitasha. The school not just taught me the significance of health and hygiene but also ways to attain the same. We are given health tonics, milk and biscuits on a regular basis that make me feel healthier. Also, with my hair cut short, I realise the advantages of having short hair while at school. Whatever I am taught here, I follow the same at home too and have been appreciated by all.

Preeti, Amitasha student

I didn’t know that I could paint well until I received a call from Chairperson ma’am. She told me that my painting had been selected and would be printed in Amitasha greeting cards. I am glad that the money generated from the sale of greeting cards will be used to provide education to girls like me.

Monika, Amitasha student

I always dreamt of becoming a doctor. Today at Amitasha, I can see my dreams take shape. Going to a private hospital is a very expensive affair. Hence, I want to become a doctor and provide free service to the poor and needy.

Pooja, Amitasha student

I want to be an artist and sell my paintings. Amitasha stalls put up during various events and festivals give me an opportunity to exhibit my skills, raise money and thereby enhance my confidence.

Kajal, Amitasha student