Vision and Mission


Amitasha envisages the vision of providing every girl child in India with quality education, who in turn can contribute to the education of an entire family, thereby contributing to educating an entire nation.


Amitasha’s mission is to empower the girl child through love, care and support. A sensitive approach is adopted to make young girls realise that they are needed and cared for. Furthermore, in its attempt to shape their lives and provide them with a better tomorrow, Amitasha lays emphasis on their holistic development. The aim is achieved through providing quality education, personality enhancement and healthcare facilities; thus empowering a whole generation to face the challenges of life with the same spirit and on the same footing as other privileged ones.

Amitasha works towards providing quality education free of cost to the less privileged girl child and bringing them at par with mainstream students. It also encourages parents to send their daughters to school, thus improving their chances of securing better jobs and leading better lives in the long run.