Training programmes & workshops for teachers

Amitasha regularly organises workshops and training programmes to spread awareness on subjects such as enhancing the growth of the less privileged girl child, social issues, health concerns and the importance of education for a brighter future. Amitasha also lays emphasis on helping teachers maximise their teaching output and inculcate new practices to support the cause of the less privileged girl child. In its efforts to achieve a brighter future for the girl child, Amitasha organises regular workshops and training programmes

Workshops for teachers

Understanding the paramount importance of training educators, Amity Institute of Education organises year long training programmes for Amitasha teachers on how to impart education to deprived children. Teachers are trained through workshops to use latest teaching aids. The HP Smart Joy Learning Programme was one such programme that helped teachers impart education in a more efficient manner. Amity also developed a special programme for Amitasha teachers to motivate students to deliver better results in day to day classroom teaching. This programme received the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD for the best video at Edu Innovators programme, Philadelphia, USA.

Amitasha wins the 'PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD' for the best video at Edu Innovators Programme in Philadelphia, USA